Fishing Report

Sarver's Bait & Tackle / The Fishing Report

Tom Sarver returns to the Three Rivers Arts Festival with a new installation exploring fishing in Pennsylvania. The environment, modeled in the theme of a bait and tackle shop, will contrast Sarver's metaphorical vision of fishing with his documentary video The Fishing Report, in which Pennsylvania anglers share their experiences about the art and science of fishing. Sarver will occupy the installation for the duration of the Festival, conducting demonstrations and sharing his fishing knowledge.

Sarver's Bait & Tackle Shop

Located at 905 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15222 (In the Cultural District)

A program of the 2009 Three Rivers Arts Festival

Open June 5th through June 14th, 2009

Sarver's Bait & Tackle Calendar of Events

Friday the 5th - Preview 4 PM - 7PM
7 PM to 10 PM - Opening reception with live music starting at 8 PM featuring The Resistibles plus special guest Jody Perigo (The Great Ants). The Resistibles make their hometown debut with songs written about fishing, rivers, and other outdoorsy things. The Resistibles are Hille Frost (The Fearnots) and Mike Cuccaro (Lonely Planet Boy, the Hope-Harveys).
"The Resistibles are a guitar-and-drums duo from Pittsburgh whose sound encompasses everything from the storyteller rock of the Silver Jews to the slowcore of bands like Karate. In between, much of their work is a straightforward, catchy indie rock a la Sleater-Kinney or any number of other '90s bands. They cut loose at times on songs that tend in the direction of novelty but aren't afraid to express real feelings. Did we mention that the drummer sometimes plays a trombone . . . while drumming?" -- Andy Mulkerin

Saturday the 6th - Open Noon - 6 PM
1:00 PM Puppet Show by Flounder Puppet Theatre. (1/2 hour event)
Pittsburgh puppeteer Gregory Knipling's company will be presenting a show that could be anything from Jonah & The Whale to the original Chinese version of Cinderella. We don't know for sure because the cast has gone fishing.
3:00 PM Fishing Stories read by Mike Cuccaro. (2-hour event. Guests are free to enter at any time.)
Mike Cuccaro reads a selection of freshwater fishing tales which cross over from contemplative sport to universal emotional touchstones such as aging, family, dignity, loss, and getting lost. With a mixture of humor, wit, and sadness, the stories will appeal to both experienced anglers and complete novices to the outdoors. The reading will feature the authors John Graves, Charlie Elliot, Le Anne Schreiber, Robert Traver and Sparse Grey Hackle.

Sunday the 7th - Open Noon - 6 PM
Noon - 2 PM Family puppet making.

Monday the 8th – Open 4 PM to 8 PM

Tuesday the 9th – Open 11AM to 2PM and 4 PM - 8 PM

Wednesday the 10th - Open 11AM to 2PM and 4 PM - 8 PM

Thursday the 11th – Open 11AM to 2PM and 4 PM - 8 PM

Friday the 12th - Open 11AM to 2PM and 4 PM - 10 PM
8 PM to 10 PM Live music show. Fishing jam session: Greg Lagrosa and Will Simmons as "Jammin' Lines." Also, Pittsburgh favorite UkuLizzy will be adding a little campfire magic to the evening.

Saturday the 13th - Open Noon - 6 PM
1:00 PM Puppet show by The Schmutz Puppet Company. (1/2 hour show)
Pittsburgh Puppeteer Dave English and Company presents a family friendly puppet show about growing up along the river.

Sunday the 14th, Open Noon - 6 PM
Noon - 2 PM Family puppet making.


Pittsburgh artist Tom Sarver is known for producing large public art projects including Art Olympic Theatre, The Tom Museum and The Black Sheep Puppet Festival. Artists assisting on The Fishing Report and Sarver's Bait & Tackle project include Mike Cuccaro, Jeremiah Johnson and Rose Clancy.

Funding for The Fishing Report and Sarver's Bait & Tackle was provided by the A. W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation.

Special thanks to the Mattress Factory for providing support with this project.

Scenes from Sarver's Bait & Tackle
Photos by Larry Rippel

©2009, Tom Sarver. All Rights Reserved.