April 11th through May 31st, 2008
MIXTAPE Exhibition and Elements, a new installation by Jeremiah Johnson

Left: Artist Jeremiah Johnson installing his installation, Elements, in the attic of The Tom Museum.

Right: A Tom Museum visitor listening to one of the cassettes on display in the MIXTAPE exhibition.

Through March 2008
You Are Always There For Me
an installation by
Jason Lockyer

If you hear the buzzing of flies in the attic of The Tom Museum, don't panic! It is not a real swarm of flies but an installation by Jason Locker. Jason, a Los Angeles artist who screens work regularly at national film festivals, has constructed a whimsical, multimedia display that is sure to surprise visitors. For more information about Jason's work, check out his website.

Artist Made Books Exhibition
December 8th 2007 through January 13th 2008

The books exhibition includes work by Julianne Sota, Sheila D. Ali, Becky Spevack, Tiberiu Chelcea, Jessica Scott, Alexis Covato, Susan Constanse, Christopher Kardambikis, Scott Andrew, Claudia Giannini, Rose Clancy, Alberto Almarza, etta cetera, Jerimiah Johnson and Morgan Cahn (left). Works displayed demonstrate a variety of interpretations of the book theme and include books of drawings and illustrations, a scrolling sculptural book and a handmade seed catalog. On Sundays during the exhibition, materials will be available for visitors to make their own books.

MIMA (Miniature Museum of Modern Art)
by Alberto J. Almarza
Extended through March 2008

Alberto Almarza's MIMA is a playful exploration of the idea of dimension. It features fingernail sized art reproductions displayed in tiny rooms that are observed by looking into magnifying lenses. The piece highlights some of the most remarkable developments in modern art. One miniature room contains Alberto's original vision, a world where the idea of dimension itself takes on a new meaning.


Grandpa's Basement

My grandfather spent much of his retirement tinkering with old radios, televisions and other devices in the home he shared with my grandmother in Evans City Pennsylvania. He was fascinated with the technology that developed during his lifetime. He was determined to repair anything that broke even if it took him many hours. He never wanted to throw anything away.

I was always inspired by the arrangement of tools, gadgets and work areas within my grandfather's basement. That musty, dark room told the story of his life and the times that he lived through. When I moved into The Tom Museum, the basement door and stairway reminded me of my grandfather's basement. I have constructed a small replica of one of his work areas at the bottom of the stairs.

Multi-Purpose Room

The former dining room of The Tom Museum servers as a gallery, a demonstration area, a performance venue, an art studio, and a place to eat. A decorative fireplace highlights Tom's sketches and doodles.

Earth Pond

Earth Pond is an ongoing installation describing various states of the planet through the development of seven floating islands or "continents." Islands in progress include: Island of Barren Wasteland, Island of Consumerism, Island of Extinction and Island of Pristine Wilderness. The piece is an extension of the Universe Room installation located one floor above it.

Right: Earth Pond, as of 12-01-06

Below: Earth Pond, as of 02-01-07

Refrigerator Magnets of Everyone I Have Ever Met

Universe Room

Above: Detail of Magnets

I am attempting to make a refrigerator magnet character of everyone I have ever met. The project will be a test of memory as well as an experiment in how the mind evolves from childhood through adulthood.

Above: The Universe Room, as of 12-20-06

The entrance to The Tom Museum is a dark, maze-like path called the Universe Room. The Universe Room is an installation inspired by thoughts about the Universe. The room changes on a weekly basis.

"Pittsburgh Mural," 2006, Acrylic on brick

Pittsburgh Mural

Detail: Fisherman at Sharpsburg dam on the Allegheny River.

Detail: Boats on the Ohio River.

Detail: Downtown Pittsburgh
On the facade of the museum, Tom has painted a mural depicting the city of Pittsburgh in 2006. A slight departure from the wild futuristic vision of Sarver's recent painting, "Pittsburgh in The Year 2050," the Pittsburgh mural is a vibrant, hopeful mural that depicts many local landmarks and pastimes.

Sketches for the Tom Museum



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